Digipigi / Credit Suisse

Viva Kids is a free banking package for children under 12. With the digital savings passport "Digipigi”, a child learns how to handle cash and digital money in a playful way. With the parent app, parents can keep track of their child's transactions. 

Four children were accompanied throughout Switzerland over a period of three months. They have big dreams that they would like to realize with their savings. One girl wants a violin, a little ice hockey player needs a new stick, an eight-year-old boy is saving up for a new BMX bike, a ten-year-old is passionate about playing and building with Lego, and she is still missing the construction set for the Grand Hotel. "Digipigi" supports them in making their dreams come true.

The films were mainly broadcast on digital media and POS.



Credit Suisse


Rod Kommunikation 


Daniel Leuthold


Atila Ulcay


  • Filmproducing
  • Live Experience
  • Postproduction
  • Research/Clarifications
  • Storyboard
  • Styling/Art Department


  • DOOH (Digital Out Of Home)
  • Documentary
  • Online
  • POS
  • Social Media
  • Website