Whoop / Casino Davos

Graubünden is known for its breath-taking nature. Whether cross country skiing in the snow or hiking in the mountains, people experience unforgettable moments of happiness.

Such feelings of happiness can now also be experienced by those who are outside Graubünden and play on the online casino "Casino777.ch", which belongs to Casino Davos. “Graubünden macht glücklich. Auch wenn man nicht dort ist.” ("Graubünden makes you happy. Even if you're not there.") is the slogan. It is signified by loud Juchzer (a loud shout of joy or whoop) from various protagonists. And with a bit of luck, you will hear many more Juchzer all over Switzerland.

A digital, TV, and an outdoor campaign was created under the motto “Glück aus Graubünden”("Happiness from Graubünden"). These included 15-second short spots for TV and 6-second spots for social platforms that are not simply cutdowns of the TV spots.



Casino Davos


Publicis Zürich


Sébastien Kühne


Michael Saxer/Diverse


  • Art Buying
  • Filmproducing
  • Postproduction
  • Styling/Art Department


  • DOOH (Digital Out Of Home)
  • Online
  • POS
  • Promotion
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