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 Fariba Buchheim

Fariba Buchheim

Fariba was born and raised in western Switzerland. She has Iranian, Polish, German and French roots.
She is a director of commercials and documentaries and has won numerous international awards for her films.
In her work, besides the love of detail, the closeness to the people portrayed is particularly important to her. Authentic moments, emotional narratives and strong storytelling are what Fariba's work is all about. Thinking differently about topics, conceiving new approaches and creating moments that stay in the memory are part of her signature.
Her commercials have won at the Clio's, New York Festivals, The Young Ones, Spotlight Festival, ANDYS among others. Her documentaries have screened at international festivals including the Hof Film Festival and Cannes as part of the Next Generation Short Tiger 2019.
Fariba is a certified TV journalist and studies directing at the renowned University of Television and Film in Munich.