Cheese battle / Emmentaler

Fans of Emmentaler AOP are often also fans of the sport of Schwingen (Swiss wrestling). That's why the traditional brand has been relying on two-time Schwingerkönig (Swiss wrestling “king” or “national champion”) and Emmental native Matthias Sempach as its long-standing brand ambassador.

But by no means do all Schwingfans get the chance to experience the "Bösen" (“bad guys”) live at a characteristic Swiss festival. Tickets are not available in advance for the public. The main prize of a promotion by Emmentaler changes that. The spot for this shows a shopping situation in a supermarket. Suddenly, two men are wrestling with each other, and the strongest wins. It's not about tickets, however, but about the last piece of Emmentaler. The joy is short-lived until Matthias Sempach, the Schwingerkönig, appears and realizes that it was indeed the last piece …

A 30-second spot was produced for TV, cinema, and online channels.



Emmentaler Switzerland


Leo Burnett Zürich


Bernd Faass


Jens Spöri


  • Filmproducing
  • Postproduction
  • Storyboard
  • Styling/Art Department


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