Mit einem Fingertipp Flieger fangen / Edelweiss Air

Seeing an airplane in the sky is often a trigger for wanderlust. Swiss airline Edelweiss used this phenomenon to promote direct flights to Buenos Aires to a young and smartphone-savvy target group. 

"Catch a Flight" is the name of the app. With a tap of the finger, Edelweiss planes could be captured in the sky. Each captured plane thus became a chance to win a flight for two to Argentina. In addition, users were given access to numerous tips on various sights and highlights waiting to be discovered in Argentina.

For information such as flight number, origin, destination, and altitude, which was displayed in real-time, the official live GPS flight data from the International Civil Aviation Authority was used and fed into the augmented reality game. And anyone who wanted to could book flights directly via the app.

The app was created in collaboration with the Argentine Tourist Board. It ranked third among Swiss entertainment apps, increased flight bookings to Buenos Aires by 24% and website traffic by 400%.



Edelweiss Air


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