Krisenkampagne Covid-19 / BAG

The coronavirus brought public life in Switzerland to a temporary halt. To contain the pandemic, and with the necessary urgency, the BAG (FOPH) deployed an information campaign to remind the population of the rules of conduct and hygiene.

The “So schützen wir uns” ("This is how we protect ourselves") campaign thereby advanced to become the key image of the corona crisis. With the hashtag #protectyourselfandothers, Alain Berset called on people to stay at home. More than 50 personalities from business, culture, and entertainment were activated for the campaign “Gemeinsam” ("Together") to once again draw attention to the rules of conduct and hygiene. As numbers declined and to keep the virus under control, the slogan “Jetzt nicht nachlassen” ("Don't let up now") was used to remind the public to continue to consistently follow the hygiene and behavior rules. The contact tracing app assisted in breaking chains of infection. 

The campaigns included various measures with TV commercials, posters, advertisements, DOOH, digital measures, the app, etc.



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