Fink und Bürgi / ALDI SUISSE

ALDI SUISSE is one of the leading retailers in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the German discounter struggles with prevailing clichés and prejudices. In the style of the Swiss film classic "Die Schweizermacher", the company wants to put an end to this.

The focus is on two fictitious officials named Fink and Bürgi from the “Amt für Schweizer Werte” ("Office for Swiss Values"). With their criminalistic meticulousness, they set off in search of the origin and quality of the company operating in Switzerland. In short film episodes, topics ranging from price leadership and rigorous quality control to tracking in the supply chain are covered. With each spot, a different prejudice is humorously, sympathetically, and self-deprecatingly dismantled and replaced by the knowledge that ALDI SUISSE is more Swiss than you think.

As part of the image campaign, in addition to numerous spots, advertisements, digital and POS measures were realized.





Ogilvy & Mather


Dani Levy


Filip Zumbrunn/Michael Saxer


  • Filmproducing
  • Photoshooting 
  • Postproduction
  • Research/Clarification
  • SFX (Special Effects)
  • Storyboard
  • Styling/Art Department


  • Branded Content
  • DOOH (Digital Out Of Home)
  • Online
  • POS
  • Social Media
  • TV
  • Website

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