Sage Bennett

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Mrs. Meyer's

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Plant Apothecary

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Sage Bennett

Sage Bennett

Sage grew up in Chicago and now lives in Brooklyn, in the heart of New York. She comes from an art-loving family and visited several museums in the USA at an early age. She gained her first professional experience as a yoga instructor, caretaker of Mormon children, or wedding photographer. After her studies at the University of Utah and at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, she began her professional career as a director and photographer.
In her work, Sage tells insightful stories that reflect on small, everyday moments. One quickly feels a connection with the people depicted. This creates a cinematic intensity that you can, quite literally, feel in your own body. Through their retro style and the often used Handycam charm, the films take on a personal character that awakens memories and lets one wallow in nostalgia.
Sage's work has already been shown at various international film festivals and highlighted in publications. These include the 2020 New Directors ShowCase, LadyGunn Magazine, The Directors Library, Kaltbult Magazine, Free the Work, and BOOOOOOM Magazine.
Rocket Film is excited about her work and we consider ourselves very lucky to represent Sage in our portfolio.