Martim Condeixa

Dá O Salto / Betclic

This Is Your Taste / Bite

There Is Always McDonald's / McDonald's

International Advertising Festival / .Lisbon

FPF Liga 3

Moment / Xandex Maps

20 Years / IKEA

Five Thirty Drama / Nobre

Martim Condeixa

Martim Condeixa

Martim was born in Lisbon in 1984. He decided to become a director as a teenager when he took part in a film workshop at high school.
He made what we all know as a terrible short film as part of that workshop.
And he wasn't afraid to cast himself in the lead role and as a stuntman.
As someone who loves a good laugh, his recent work is evidence that he is a director with a strong sense of visual humour.
Like all enthusiasts who love to have a good laugh, he enjoys realising stories with a surprising emotional twist.
His witty style and very interesting approach to filmmaking
make him a real rocket.